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02 July 2002: And if that wasn't enough for you, I've added two mp3 exclusives to the gallery area!

01 July 2002: Real life, including a wedding, has made updates to this site something of a lesser priority, so my abject apologies for the delays in updating. I've added in a link to the Amazon pre-order page for Summer Knight, which should now be purchasable through the Fan Attic store. And in even more exciting news, Storm Front is now available as an audio book -- unabridged, covering 8 CD's -- as read by James Marsters. It's huge! Preorder it from shopmediafans.com -- it ships on the 15th! I've put the cover and the official mp3 samples (yum) in the gallery, as well as adding another update or two there.

08 July 2001: A small revision of the site (a Flash banner), and a preview of the cover art for Book Three, Grave Peril (yeah, it got another name), go hand in hand with the return of the Fanattic Store. Check it out!

12 March 2001: Naturally, during the peak weeks of Fool Moon being out, I got slammed by work galore and the site suffered for it. Apologies! But here's news -- book two is out, and the third one has been named Grave Threat after Knightmare didn't fly with the publisher. On top of it all, Fool Moon was recently named number 7 on Locus Magazine's best seller's list!

1 August 2000: Well, Storm Front has been on the shelves for a few months now -- time to start salivating over the next book! Fool Moon is its name, and werewolves are the game -- with some fresh, bloody cover art for your viewing pleasure!

27 Feb 2000: We've gotten our hands on some Sample Chapters for Storm Front!

19 Dec 1999: The Fan Attic Store is now open for business. We only have a few items in there right now, either by Jim or recommended by him, but it'll grow over time. Take a look!

15 Dec 1999: Storm Front is on Amazon! Preorder your copy through the Fanattic today!

11 Nov 1999: Storm Front has an ISBN number, too, so it shouldn't be long until the book shows up on Amazon. Make sure to pre-order your copies through this site, so I can get a little kickback from amazon to contribute towards the bandwidth that makes the Fanattic possible! I also have word from a little skull I know that the release date on the book is April 10th of 2000. That's three days earlier than we were anticipating!

8 Nov 1999: Storm Front cover art is in -- see the Dresden page or the gallery. The gallery also includes Jim's "back cover" picture.

1 Jul 1999: Semiautomagic has a new title, and other things are afoot! Check out the Dresden page.

23 Jun 1999: Jim's picked up the jimbutcher.com domain. He also tells me he'll be able to give me a sample chapter from one of his books to post on the site, for those of you who are itching for a sneak peek! Stay tuned.

22 May 1999: Hey, why not? I've created a yahoo club as an annex to this site!

20 April 1999: The Fan Attic has been listed on Jim's Agent's Agency page, ricia.com. All right! We've been seeing a few more subscriptions to the mailing list, and have added a Guestbook to the site. Not too shabby for preparations a year in advance, eh?

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