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Crown of Amber was my first FUDGE Amber game; it was a tale of Middle Amber, in that it was pre-chronicles and before the births of some of the younger Elders, yet it was positioned more recently than many of the 'Ancient Amber' sub-genre of the game. The game had to end when I moved from the East to the West Coast. It features my first take on rules for FUDGE Amber.

Born to be Kings was my second FUDGE Amber game; it was an Ancient Amber game, set in the time when Cymnea was Queen, though Amber was not yet a Kingdom. It was the testing ground upon which the first version of the Fate system was run through its paces.

By Blood and By Right is slated as my third FUDGE Amber game; it will benefit from the latest ("2.0") version of Fate. It is an Early Amber game, set while Oberon is away, Corwin is missing, and Eric has not yet taken the crown as his own.

-- Iago

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FUDGE Amber by Fred Hicks
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